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Vehicle Usage Control
Where are your vehicles? Who is driving them and for how long? How do you control who uses your vehicles, and how they're being used? How do you optimise route plans and schedules? How do you know when a vehicle has entered a restricted or charging zone? How do you ensure your vehicles are being used legitimately? What do you do to prevent their theft? And how do you help to ensure drivers' personal safety? How do you control the length of time each vehicle is being used?

Inova provides a complete set of answers to your vehicle usage management questions, using a scalable range of solutions that incorporates Inova Designs' patent technologies.

Control is provided through the Inova SecureCard™ systems, with GPS satellite tracking and GSM/GPRS communications. Positions of vehicles are easily tracked on a screen. Comprehensive reports may be produced of vehicle journeys, to optimise routes, identify unnecessary stoppages or log entry into charging (congestion) zones. Rental/loan vehicles can have their usage kept within contracted time. Immobilisation can be carried out remotely to prevent theft, or when lease or finance payments are overdue. Vehicle usage can be restricted by driver, vehicle type or usage time. Automatic alerts can be sent out when unauthorised movements take place, when a vehicle has an accident or when a panic alarm button has been pressed.

You now have complete control of all your vehicle fleet.




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